“Limits To Growth fallacy”

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I was reading an analysis at the Oil Drum about nuclear power use and scaling in France. As usual on TOD, the comments are brimming with insight and impassioned discourse. As a rebuttal to the modest conclusion of the article, one commenter linked to UIC Nuclear Issues Briefing Paper # 75, . . . → Read More: “Limits To Growth fallacy”


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Everyone writes their own story of life. A staggering number of people choose to create a story where meaning comes from an external governor, a deus ex machina. A common conclusion of these folk is that non-theists, lacking this (arbitrary) anchor, must be adrift in life without purpose, moral . . . → Read More: Purpose

No, really– why are we here

The title of my first post was meant to sound profound and then be answered in a strictly literal sense about why we are “here” as in “on this web site”. Having slighted you so soon in our readership relationship, I feel I should at least give the profound subject some attention.

Fortunately, I like . . . → Read More: No, really– why are we here

Strange speech bedfellows, legislative legerdemain

In my previous post I made brief mention of limitations on freedom of expression for hate speech. Today I found this interesting item on topic via Infidel Guy.

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and attorneys with the Foundation for Moral Law, representing several Pennsylvania Christians, argued in a brief filed today in the . . . → Read More: Strange speech bedfellows, legislative legerdemain

Democratically disenfranchised

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Growing up I learned about the (US) Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights. There may even have been some limp discussion about why certain rights were added and what they’re good for. But we never talked about what I now understand to be the most important yet commonly overlooked reason . . . → Read More: Democratically disenfranchised

Why are we here

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I spent rather a long time contemplating the creation of this site. There seem to be many good reasons not to bother, including but not limited to:

What do I have to say that merits reading; hasn’t everything of value been expressed before, by my intellectual and literary superiors? Aren’t . . . → Read More: Why are we here