Risk assessment bias

Another quick redirect; I love this writeup of how we are stupid at risk assessment . I wish a few of the people close to me would learn up on this a bit.

The precautionary principle can so easily be abused to the point that it becomes a zero risk bias .

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Why we believe strange things

This is a TED video from 2006, but I just now watched it. Michael Shermer talks about cognitive bias, pareidolia, and other interesting ways we fool ourselves.

Michael Shermer at Why people believe strange things

It’s a delightful 12 minute refutation of stupidity.

What Science is(n’t)

Stolen from the blinkenlights box :

Science is not–I repeat, not–a method for finding out the "truth" about anything. Without going into a great deal of detail, I would characterize science as a methodology that allows us to test our beliefs about how nature behaves with how nature actually behaves and to derive laws and . . . → Read More: What Science is(n’t)