Month: March 2009

  • How to Argue

    This is a great short podcast on how to argue that talks about a lot of the same points I made earlier.  It goes into additional detail about how to prepare and conduct arguments so that everyone benefits.

  • Argument > Debate

    Debating Like most sports, I’m not much good at debate.  I say it’s a sport because it’s a competition with a winner and loser where the participants’ skills have the largest bearing on the outcome. I think that most people casually lump debate and argument into the same mental bin; if not as exact synonyms,…

  • Dishonesty in science: we still win

    As Orac states: Science as it is practiced today relies on a fair measure of trust. Part of the reason is that the culture of science values openness, hypothesis testing, and vigorous debate. The general assumption is that most scientists are honest and, although we all generally try to present our data in the most…